Non-Sexual Escorting

Become a non sexual escort for Corporate and public Events

can provide a very lucrative way of utilising your spare time. Become an Escort and you can make an excellent part time living.  Elegant Companions can find you non-sexual escort jobs that will allow you to simply enjoy a pleasant evening meal or a trip to the theatre amongst many other social events . work as an Escort and you will find it to be interesting, fun, and VERY REWARDING!  Our clients are not looking for anything other than good company!

Men and now Women who require more can easily find that kind of service elsewhere on the Internet!

When you become an escort…

… will earn £300 to £1,200 whatever the time of day and We Do Not Charge Any Commission. We have over 4,000 fully signed up members who use our service and most are career people who need a Date to accompany them to the theatre, dinner, a party, or a business function of some kind. In the Escort area of the site they choose a an escort by different criteria and then make a booking directly with us.

If you wish to become an escort, you should start by completing our Registration Form and as soon as we receive it at the agency we will call you at a suitable time to start your process

Your Questions Answered . . .

You will not incur any cost on the date as the client will pay for everything. Our minimum booking time is 2 hours and the average date is 4 hours long. Occasionally a client may need someone to accompany them to a business conference or something similar and for these longer dates, we negotiate an all-in price and agree a fixed fee with you.

Ninety percent of dates take place in major towns and cities across the UK and Irelandand we try our best to ensure that you never have to travel too far for any date. Most dates require less than 30 minutes traveling time and you will be paid from the time you meet the client until the time that you leave them. If you live in a rural area you may have to travel a little farther if you want to be kept busy with dates. If you are interested in the odd job abroad these are available from time to time and all expenses are paid.

You don’t have to have the looks of a film star to Become an Escort, however you should be of smart appearance, well groomed, sociable and reliable. Your client for the evening wants a partner who is polite, charming and a good listener, and they’re not paying to hear all about you and your problems! You probably already know whether you would make an ideal Date and if you think you would then you should certainly give it serious consideration.

When you Become an Escort you can make  lots of Money and better your social life.


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